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To register as a Category judge go to: Judge Registration. You will be contacted by email with more information and judging times.

Be sure to check these links to pages on the website that you will find useful:

Category Judges: These judges evaluate all projects at the science fair and their assessment is used to rank the projects for Division and Category awards. Project judging will be assigned, based on the specific skills of each judge. In your registration, you self identify your willingness to be a category judge.


We are seeking a diverse judging pool of university and college graduates including professors, teachers, student-teachers, professional scientists and engineers, health care professionals, technicians, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research associates. Some projects need to be judged in French and require fluently bilingual judges.

Returning and new volunteer judges must register by clicking the link at the top of this page.


Judging categories are:

Before the Day-of-Fair:

Virtual Science Fair:  All judges will receive detailed information by email a few days before judging begins.

In Person Fairs: Category judges will be assigned between 4 and 6 projects to judge during the evening session of the science fair. All category judging is completed during this evening judging session. An e-mail will be sent to each category judge about 1 week before the fair, to notify you that project assignments have been made and directing you to go to the Fair Registration / Log-in Page and that you should login and see your judging assignments. At this time, we encourage you to look at the Pre-Fair Reports prepared by the students for your assigned projects and complete an assessment of these reports using the appropriate Marking Forms before the day of the fair. We will open access to these Pre-Fair Reports, when they are available (about 1 week before the fair) and after you have received an e-mail identifying that the project assignments have been made (about 1 week before the fair). For your help, we have attached a useful guide on how to be a good science fair judge which has good advice on how to interact with the student on the day-of-fair.

The Pre-Fair Reports and Category Judging Schedule will be available approximately 1 week prior to the day-of-fair in an in-person science fair.  For the 2021 Virtual Science Fair, you will receive an email a few days before the fair with your judging list and a link to the virtual projects.


FLASF-Primary evaluation (Gr 5-6) form: FLASF-Primary evaluation form

FLASF-Junior evaluation (Gr 7-8) form: FLASF J I S Evaluation Form

FLASF-Intermediate evaluation (Gr 9-10) form: FLASF J I S Evaluation Form

FLASF-Senior evaluation (Gr 11-12) form: FLASF J I S Evaluation Form


Judging Schedules to be announced


If you have any questions about registering as a judge or need further information about judging, please contact us at judges