Committee Volunteers:

If you are interested in a longer term volunteer commitment, please consider joining the FLASF Committee to help in the organization of next year’s science fair. If you would like to get more information on how to be a FLASF committee member, please contact the FLASF Chair at chai<at>flasf.on.ca.


Day-of-Fair Volunteers:

We need volunteers on the day-of-fair to help in running the fair. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for high school, 1st or 2nd year college or university undergraduate students as well as adults. Day-of-fair volunteer activities range from helping set up tables, registering students, collecting judge forms, etc. The time commitment for this work can range from a couple of hours or more, if you are interested. We are flexible and can arrange a schedule to fit your availability. The entire fair is run by volunteers so your help is needed. If you would like to get more information on how to be a day-of-fair volunteer, please contact the FLASF Chair at chair<at>flasf.on.ca.


Judge Volunteers:

If you are currently a senior (3rd or 4th year) undergraduate student, have completed an undergraduate university or college degree (or more) or are currently working in or have worked in the sciences or engineering, please consider volunteering to be a judge to help us evaluate the student projects. Please go the the Judges information under the Judges tab to learn all about judge requirements, expectations, and how to self-register to be a day-of-fair volunteer judge in this year’s fair.