This page is designed to assist parents and student mentors in understanding the FLASF rules and eligibility requirements, and to provide direction to help students be successful with their Science Fair projects.

These are the FLASF information flyers that we have sent to schools and teachers in Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Counties:


Participation in the fair is open to all students in grades 5 to 12 (under the age of 21 as of June 30th of the year of the Science Fair) who attend any public, separate, or private school, or who are home-schooled, in the City of Kingston, Frontenac County and Lennox & Addington County. Students do not need to qualify through a school competition and can enter FLASF directly.

For a full list of FLASF rules regarding Eligibility and Registration, See Eligibility


Each student’s Parent/Guardian must consent to the student’s participation in the Fair. Please complete the online registration form with the student and answer all questions.

Here are some links that you should use to help your child register for the fair:

Please note: The Science Fair Committee, sponsors, and other fair supporters are not responsible for loss or damage to any display / exhibit. Care and operation of the display / exhibit is the responsibility of the student / exhibitor.

First Aid responders will be on-site during the fair and response is coordinated with Queen’s University Security. If your child has a medical condition, please let us know on the registration form or upon arrival at the fair (this information is handled in a confidential manner).

Expectations for Parents/Guardians of Students

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the student’s transportation to and from FLASF, and the Parent/Guardian and the student must take joint responsibility for their own pickup arrangements. FLASF organizers will dismiss students from activities at the times stated in the Schedule of Events with the expectation that students will then follow their Parent/Guardian’s instructions for safe pickup and transportation.

We understand your interest in your child’s welfare at the fair. Your presence is not required at the fair but if you wish, you are welcome to help your child set up their exhibit on Day 1, to view the other exhibits during the Public Viewing and to attend the Awards Ceremony on Day 2 and to help your child take down their display board and clean up at the end of the fair on Day 2. We insist that you NOT BE IN THE GYM DURING JUDGING TIMES as it is distracting for both the students and the judges.

Regarding conduct during FLASF, students are expected to attend all scheduled FLASF events. It should be stressed to students that they are to stay with their designated group at all times until dismissed, and follow the instructions of the FLASF activity organizers.

Code of Conduct

      1. Participants will, at all times, respect all public and private property and the rights of other participants.
      2. When requested, participants will wear an identification badge and/or FLASF T-shirt.
      3. Participants must dress appropriately (in accordance with their school’s dress code).
      4. Project areas must be kept tidy and any spills or messes must be cleaned up immediately.
      5. Students must respect their peers by remaining as quiet as possible during the judging period.
      6. Participants that do not behave in an appropriate manner or in any way violate the Code of Conduct will be disqualified and not allowed to continue to participate in the event. The violator forfeits his or her right to attend and participate in Science Fair events. Proper notification of the violation and action taken will be sent to the school along with copies to the Board(s) of Education. Copies will also be sent to the student’s parents or guardians.

How to help

There is a wealth of information on this web site for the students to help them prepare their science project and telling them how to register for the science fair. Most questions should be answered on this web site and we recommend that this be your primary source of information. We have prepared an information package for the students that you can use to help guide their work and to ensure that their display is acceptable for the regional science fair. As well, we have identified a number of internet sources that we recommend to the students to help them get project ideas and help guide them in their work. See the Student Page for these resources. We recommend that you look through these resources and discuss them with your child.

Your support and guidance to your child in helping them with their project is important but it is critical that this project be a product of your child’s own work and we ask you to be very careful to let your child do their own project. We recognize that many parents get involved in the construction of their child’s display panel, especially for the younger students. It is certainly acceptable to advise, use power or cutting tools and guide construction but we do ask that you let your child’s imagination, input and participation be integral parts of this process.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about your child’s participation in the fair, ask the student coordinator at students For a complete list of FLASF contacts, see Contact Us