FLASF 2011

FLASF in the News:

CWSF Award Winners:

  • Neel Sharma, King’s Town School: Gold medal for his project “SOS (Stop Oil Spills): Results of an LC50 Study on Artemia Salina”.
  • Malik Elbatarny, Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute: Silver medal for his project “Making Connections: Introducing the Artificial Nerve”.
  • Sydney Mosaheb, King’s Town School: Bronze medal for her project “A Hairy Ordeal”.
  • Greg Borschneck, King’s Town School: Bronze medal for his project “Solar Cycle”.

FLASF Award Winners:

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Greg, Laura, Malak, Neel and Sydney presented their projects at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Toronto.
greg laura

malak neel