Engineering & Computing Science

An Engineering project applies physical science knowledge to solve a problem or achieve a purpose. These projects investigate the utility of innovations and inventions and can focus on a new process or on a new product. Although a complete engineering project will include an outline of the need, the development of the innovation and some work on introducing the innovation to the community, many projects focus on just the development phase. A Computing Science project deals with computing, mathematical models, innovative software and hardware design.

Computing sciences projects are applied science and technology projects that concentrate on the development of computer equipment or programs. They focus mainly on computers, their languages, their software, databases and their functions. Projects that store and handle data should be entered in their data-specific division.

  • Example One: Finding out what keeps an airfoil up is physical science; designing a better airfoil is engineering.
  • Example Two: Measuring solar energy coming to a given place is physical science; catching it for use is engineering
  • Example Three: Determining the optimum conditions for raising worms would be life science; designing the vermicarium that would optimize these conditions would be engineering.
  • Example Four: Investigating the variables involved in the removal of oil from tar sands (temperature, solvents, etc.) is physical science; developing a process for extraction is engineering.