Electronic Payment and Signature Forms

All Students must submit a completed (signed by both the student and parent or guardian) signature form and pay the registration fee by the deadlines identified on the Schedule Page to participate in FLASF. All details for completing the signature form and for paying the registration fee are described as part of the on-line registration process. There are 3 options for completing the signature form and 3 options for making the registration fee payment:

Registration Fee Payment:

Option 1: Prepare a cheque for $15 to FLASF and either mail or deliver it to FLASF, Box 164, 427 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7L 5S9 by the deadline.

Option 2: Pay the $15 registration fee by electronic transfer using PayPal, using the check box below.

Option 3:  Some schools pay the registration fee for some students.

Signature Form Submission

Print out the signature form from the on-line registration process and sign the form.

Option 1: You can then either mail or drop it off at FLASF, Box 164, 427 Princess Street, Kingston, ON K7L 5S9 by the deadline (include it with your fee payment, if paying by cheque!).

Option 2: You can scan or photograph the form and email it to students

Option 3:  Some teachers coordinate submission of the signature forms.


      • Teachers: If you are registering a number of students, you can collect the signed permission forms and submit them to FLASF in bulk. As well, if the school is paying the registration fee, please follow the above instructions for your class or contact studentsand we can make alternate arrangements.
      • Students and Parents: If FLASF does not receive your completed permission form AND fee payment by the deadline, you will not be able to participate in the fair so be sure to watch the deadline. You can confirm that your registration is complete by logging on to the registration site and if all is OK (about 1 week before the fair), your registration will be identified as ‘COMPLETE’.

Paypal Registration Payment($15.00/student)