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Please note that you do not have to have competed in a school science fair to enter this regional science fair. Any student in the region can and is encouraged to participate!

The dates that student on-line registration for FLASF are open are listed on the Schedule Page.

You may complete your registration in multiple sessions. An example of when you may want to use multiple sessions to complete your registration is in entering your 'Project Summary' which may need to be updated as your project work progresses. Changes in your registration are acceptable BUT you must complete all sections of your on-line registration between the dates identified above and NO CHANGES can be made after the on-line registration close date. If your application is not complete at the registration close date you will not be eligible to participate in the Science Fair.


Note: Clicking on the link above will take you to a different web site that is used for managing the Science Fair. After registering, you can return to this main web site by clicking on the link on the registration web site home page.

Note: In the registration, you will be asked for a T-shirt size. The T-shirts are supplied in Adult sizes.

Note: If a teacher wants to register a number of students under the same email address and / or use an email address that is not blocked by the school, please contact us at students and tell us how many student registrations you want and we will set it up for you. Otherwise, the system restricts only 1 registration / email address.

In addition to the on-line registration, you will also have to submit a registration fee ($15 / student) and a completed signature form (for each student) which must be received by the FLASF student registrar no later than the date and time identified on the Schedule Page.

Click here if you are using the option to pay the $15 by Paypal or submit your signature form on-line.  If your project involves any animal or human testing, then you will also have to submit the required permission and approval forms by this date. For complete details, be sure to read the FLASF 2019 Information for Students, Teachers and Parents or FLASF 2019 Information pour les élèves, les enseignants et les parents.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about student registration, ask the student coordinator at students For a complete list of FLASF contacts, see Contact Us