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All projects involving human or animal research require specific approval from the FLASF ethics committee, prior to beginning any work on your project.

The links below provide pdf documents related to CWSF policies and regulations related to Animal and Human testing. Students should review the documents relevant to their project to ensure that their project adheres to these policies. If your project involves any animal or human testing, the student should complete and submit the required approval forms (bottom of this page)along with their signature / permission form and payment by the due date.

Click on the relevant link to download the desired policy document or approval form.

Policy Documents

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Participation of Humans in Research – Low Risk Humans in Research – Low Risk sujets humains – faible risque
Participation of Humans in Research – Significant Risk Humans in Research – Significant Risk sujets humains – risque élevé
Use of Animals in Research Animals animaux

Approval Forms

Participation of Humans – Low Risk 1.1   Form 4.1A:   Human Low Risk Project – Ethics Approval
Participation of Humans – Significant Risk 2.1   Research Plan Form
2.2   Informed Consent and Letter of Information
2.3   Informed Consent Permission Form
2.4   Form 4.1B:   Human High Risk Project – Ethics Approval
Use of Animals 3.1   Research Plan
3.2   Form 4.1C:   Animal Research – Ethics Approval

Contact Us:
If you have any questions about Science Fair ethics policies or procedures or if you are required to submit forms prior to the day-of-fair because your project includes animal or human testing, please ask the ethics coordinator at ethics For a complete list of FLASF contacts, see Contact Us